Dr. Melanie Johnson, M.D. certifies patients with qualifying medical conditions for Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis Program. Patients must be certified before they register in the program and purchase medical marijuana.

Qualification is simple. You must live in Minnesota, have an e-mail address and suffer from one of the 18 “qualifying medical conditions” listed on the program’s website.

Patients of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. A history of addiction does not affect your ability to qualify. Also, you don’t have to be terminally ill to get relief from your pain/symptoms – 97% of the 18,249 patients actively enrolled in MN’s Medical Cannabis Program are certified for intractable pain, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or severe and persistent muscle spasms (MN Department of Health January 2020 Update).

Patient Certification


Dr. Johnson meets with you at our Zumbro Falls clinic to diagnose or confirm your qualifying medical condition and educate you about medical cannabis. You learn about the dosing options best suited for your pain/symptom relief and leave with the certification you need to register for MN’s Medical Cannabis Program.

1-Hour Appointment     $200 (cash)  or  $207.15 (credit card)

Patient Re-Certification

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After you are certified, Dr. Johnson meets with you once a year to talk about your use of medical cannabis and how it has affected your pain/symptoms. Meetings are conducted in person or by phone. Original certifications from other providers are accepted. Annual re-certification is required by the State of MN to continue participation in its Medical Cannabis Program.

30-Minute Appointment     $50 (cash)  or  $51.90 (credit card)

MN Cannabis Program - Online Registration


Most people complete MN’s online registration on their own. This step in the process takes approximately 20 minutes and must be done on a computer or iPad. At the end of the registration process, you will be required to pay the State of MN a $200 registration fee. This fee is in addition to what you already paid for your certification. If you have MN Care, Social Security Disability or Veterans Benefits, the State of MN reduces the registration fee to $50.

If needed, our staff is happy to help for an additional fee. You must be certified with a qualifying medical condition, have a government-issued ID and provide a credit/debit card to pay the program’s registration fee.

20-Minute Appointment     $25