Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

You must be a certified, registered patient or caregiver in MN’s Medical Cannabis Program to legally purchase and possess medical marijuana in the State of Minnesota.

Minnesota’s medical marijuana is sold by two companies, Green Goods and RISE. Both have multiple dispensary locations called Cannabis Patient Centers. Their whole-plant, full-spectrum cannabis medications contain pure, consistent and predictable amounts of THC and CBD.

Over-the-counter CBD products sold in gas stations and strip malls are different. The manufacturers are not regulated and the products are not subject to purity standards. The CBD is usually derived from hemp, a cousin of marijuana, and is so diluted there is only a trace amount.

Minnesota currently allows its dispensaries to sell medical marijuana in pill, liquid, tincture (under tongue), mouth spray, oil (vape), edible (lozenge, gummy) and combustible raw cannabis (leaves, buds and flowers). Dispensary pharmacists meet with new patients, one-on-one, to recommend types and doses of medical cannabis best suited for their medical condition(s). Patients are advised to continue their regular/traditional medical care while taking medical cannabis because medical cannabis is not a cure. The goal of medical cannabis is to increase patients’ quality of life and decrease their unwanted medical symptoms, such as pain.


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